Our Story

Backyard Beginnings

Bryan and his son, Miles, started experimenting with beekeeping with a single backyard hive at their home in Milwaukee’s Bay View neighborhood. That same year, while serving as the golf course superintendent at Westmoor Country Club, Bryan installed several hives at the golf course as a way to educate others about the importance of pollinators and to enhance the golf course property.

From Money Honey…

Not long after establishing their first backyard hive, a young 6-year-old Miles expressed interest in selling honey as a way to earn money. His parents saw it as an opportunity to teach their son entrepreneurial skills. So, that summer, Miles sold his first batch of “Money Honey” out of the back of his battery-powered toy tractor. With no equipment at the time, the honey was gravity harvested with only a strainer. The honey was such a hit with the neighborhood that it sold out almost immediately.

… To Highlands Honey

As Miles matured, so did the brand. After moving to Wauwatosa in 2018, Miles and Bryan re-branded as Highlands Honey as a nod to their new neighborhood. Now an established craft producer specializing in high-quality raw honey, Highlands Honey continues to embrace a bee-centric and local-first philosophy through sustainable management practices, local business collaborations, and educational programming at local schools.